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        You are probably here because you want to join the ring.  Well, its pretty easy, all you have to do is cut 'n paste some code that I will give you.  But first, you must sign up.  There are a few requirements as follows:
  •  Your site must be flying related, whether R/C or full scale.
  • Your site may not contain nudity, or adult language, or direct links to either.
  • You must put the ring html fragment on your page.

  •     Once you sign up using the form below, I will send you the html you need to put the table on your age.  You will only need to change a few things, if any.  If you wish to use your  own format go ahead, just keep all the links the same.  You may also use different graphics, provided at our graphics page, coming soon.  After you have completed the form, and sent, and if you still have questions, email me!

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