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Member's Planes

Bob Scheppele's Extra 300, 68" wingspan and powered by a Saito 1.50. The plane was made from a Goldberg kit and weighs about 9 lb 12 oz.

Bob's Chipmunk. This started with a Goldberg kit but included scratch built extra parts. It has an 81" wingspan (IMAA legal), weighs 14 lb and is powered by two OS .70 Surpass.

Kerry's Lazer.

Bob's Phaeton 90. From a Balsa USA kit, this has a 70" wingspan, weighs 13 lb and is powered by a Saito 1.20

Roy Hartmann's SR71

Ron Sorg's BD 10 Landing

Paul Appelbaum's turbo fan jet .

This is Skip Delius' photo plane "Eye in the Sky", which is an 81" span Senior Kadet carrying on board 35 mm camera (looking out under the left wing) with auto exposure and powered advance tripped by a servo driven cam release. First flown in 1987, it has flown in IMAA events almost every year since and was featured in High Flight, Fall "87 (p99).

Phil's T-6 (or is it a T-28)?

Members are invited to display their aircraft here. Send scanned images and a description by e-mail to Lenny Grosso