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New Web Concepts

Scouring the web, I have come up with a bunch of new ideas for the website. I have compiled them all here in one place, so I can hear what the members think before I put them inot affect. Just drop me a note, or yell out and tell me whether you like them or not. Go on and be dazzled!!

Proposed Changes:Description of Change
No Underlined LinksDo All Those underlined links annoy you. Would you rather get rid of them. Check it out and see what you think.
Alternate NavigationPlain Text and image links get boring after a while don't they. I think so. So here are some javascript things that might work. See if you like them.
AnnouncementsWe have been putting those comments in at the top of the page. How would you like to see them scroll across the bottom of your scree, or in a text box.
SoundsSo far, the web site has just been images, and text. How about a sound of a jet screaming by upon opening a page. Tell me if it is fast enough.
MapHow about a map that pops up when you click on a radio button. Will it be easier to use, and reliable.
New GraphicsYou say you want new, and faster loading graphics. Check these out.
Kit ReviewsWould it be worthwhile to put the kitreviews on line. Who thinks they will get enough use, and who is willing to do it.

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