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The Halloween Chili Fly, 1997

Sunday October 26th, was the Annual Halloween Chili Fly. The morning started overcast but, just when we needed it, the sun broke out, the wind dropped and for a short while it was very flyable. Many members brought their best chili, ranging from medium hot to very hot. All of them were really good, especially when the temperature started dropping and the wind picked up. Thanks to Dennis Aschinger for snapping these pictures below, and for thinking to bring the fresh sourdough bread which was really good with the chili.

View of the gathering around the chili-pots, swapping stories of how not to cut your finger in a prop, which apparently many of us have done. In the foregound you can see Lenny's recently-repaired trainer after its spectacular break-up in the air last week.

Here you can see that the pavilion was appropriately decorated, with pumpkins, cobwebs and spiders.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. Thanks to everyone who attended the event and special thanks to the many spouses who helped with the food.