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The Big Bird Event, 1997

(Thanks to Lenny for the Big-Bird Graphic)
The first annual BigBird Fly-In was held on August 2-3, and was a huge success with both guests and spectators. It attracted a large crowd which was helped by media coverage from local TV and radio stations. Here are a some of the images of that great weekend as seen through the lens of Ron Sorg's camera. Thanks Ron, and everyone else who contributed to the success of the event.

View of the pits

Lining up to get in the air


The Ultimate Biplane

Curt at the controls, with Jim as spotter

TV cameras at work to publicize the event


Shade available for those who needed to get out of the heat

The Power House tent for those who needed a good deal on a new battery pack


Our cooks hard at work providing an endless supply of soda, hot dogs and hamburgers.

The guys working hard on the gate

Well organized parking, with plenty of room for all!