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St. Louis RC Flying Association

Application Form

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Name: _________________________________________     Spouse: __________________

Address: _______________________________________     Apt/Box Number: __________

City: ______________________     State: ___________________     Zip: ______________

Home Phone : ____________________ Date of Birth : ___________________

I understand that failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the St. Louis Radio Control Flying Association, Inc. will result in the possible termination of my membership in the club.

Signature : __________________________________     Date: _________________


To have flying priviledges at St. Louis RC flying field, you must have current membership in the :

5151 East Memorial Drive                                                 Please attach a copy of your current
Muncie, Indiana, 47302-9252                                                 AMA CARD here
Tel: 1-800-I FLY AMA
    (1-800- 435-9262)
Fax: (765) 741-0057
AMA membership provides the liability insurance coverage needed before you operate your model.

Memership Dues Structure

Annual Membership Dues: $110
Family Membership Dues: $145 (includes spouse, and children up to 21 years, or full-time student to 23 years old)
Junior Membership Dues: $20 (until 21 years old or full-time student to 23 years old)
Handicapped Member Dues: $20

Applicants who join after August 1st and before November 1st, will be charged 1/2 annual dues
Applicants who join after November 1st pay their full dues which apply to the following year, and receive November and December free.

Make checks payable to St Louis RC Flying Association, Inc. and mail to:

Ron Lawson, Treasurer                Phil Westrich, Secretary
St Louis RC Flying Association, Inc.                                St Louis RC Flying Association, Inc.
3225 Rock Creek Road 3046 Silver Bow Court
High Ridge, MO, 63049 St Louis, MO, 63129